Customer Relationships

I had a lady ask me the other day why are so many women opening up online stores. Well all I know is my why. I have always wanted my own store but with 3 kids I just don't feel like it's possible to have a storefront. Maybe one day! I love having relationships with my customers. Some ladies tell me about their life and I love to listen. I love that they feel like they can tell me what they are going through at the moment. To me it's not about selling products it's about people and relationships. It's about making a difference in someone's life. I mean isn't that why we are here to make a difference. From the beginning I knew I wanted to give back to organizations. IT's just my purpose in life. That's why 10% of our net proceeds goes to different Mission organizations. They are making a difference in people's lives that I will probably never meet or see. So when you shop with us you are giving back to people who may not even have clean water to drink. I seriously love all my customers. You make this so worth while for me. Thanks for shopping with us and Making my dream come true of having a store:) You are so appreciated!




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