Life's Work

Life's Work

Did you ever feel like you finally know why you are here and what your purpose is. I know a lot of people struggle with this. I will turning 40 this year and looking back I really never knew what my purpose was.  I always had a purpose whether it was family, my job, & my kids.  Less than a year ago I really started to take a look at me and what I wanted to do. Let me just say its not easy. It took a lot of crying(seriously), doing personal development until my brain was fried, reading books, not watching TV, going to seminars and quitting my job. I kept thinking is this really what it is and am I doing the right thing. But now almost 9 months later I'm finally seeing the light. i'm not there yet nor do I think I ever will arrive but I finally feel like i really know what I want to do for me and my family. I seriously was never a big TV watcher but I seriously just walk away anymore because I know I have so much work to do on my myself and for myself. I'm not saying watching TV is bad. Lol. I just heard one of my online mentors say we spend so much time watching people live their dreams on TV instead of us taking a chance on our dreams. I hope wherever you are at this moment you know that you have purpose and you are amazing and can do anything you put your mind to. With that being said be watching I'm doing something new soon. I'm not giving up my boutique just doing something also that I feel can help people!


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