1 Year Anniversary. WOW!  I can't believe it's been one year ago that I started this journey.  During Christmas in 2015 I contemplated the idea of having my own store.  After lots of research and listening for direction I decided in January to go for it.  For those of you who don't me I'm wife, mother of 3, and work a part-time job as a bookkeeper. I had always wanted a store of my own but with 3 kids it just seemed impossible to do(for me anyways).  So I decided to try out an online store.  It was slow moving for the few months which normally a new business it is.  But I pursued what I felt like I was supposed to do.  Is it easy! NO. Do I wake up and feel like i can create ideas for my own business; yes, that's what I love about owning my own business. A few months back a friend approached me and said that seeing me own my own business was making her think of what she always wanted to do. My advice is GO for IT!!!! You are never too old to pursue your Dreams!!!! If that's one thing I can do that's what I really love is helping others find their passion in life.  One of my Favorite quotes is You Don't Build a Business-You Build People-and then People Build the Business. That's what we are about here at A Blessed Boutique. Thanks for all your support this year!!!


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