Do you ever feel like when you face a big decision you always feel like what if I make the wrong one? I'm dealing with this lately. No it's not some huge decision but it is one that affects us moms. Like feeling what if I make the wrong decision for my kids will it hurt them? Will they be scarred for life? The answer is probably not. But I know as a mom a hundred thousand thoughts go through your mind of what if??? Like I am feeling here lately. Sometimes it's even hard to focus because of the all the wandering thoughts. But tonight I was reminded that no matter what decision we make even if it's the wrong one. God is still with us. He doesn't leave just because you don't listen or make the wrong decision. He said he will never leave or forsake you. Did you hear that NEVER!!! So tonight I want you to feel encouraged whatever you are facing tonight you are not alone and he will always be there when no on is there for you. Even when we make the wrong decision or do something we know isn't right he is there for you to pick you back up and say I Love You no matter what:)

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