Looking back Look how far you have Come!

do you ever look back and think wow look how far I've come. I was thinking back last night 17 years ago me and my husband had our first date! He took me to see Hannibal(UGH) at the movies. I was so shy that I didn't tell him I don't watch those kind of movies and probably closed my eyes through at least half of it! I just really don't see the point of be scared at the movie theater(side note). At the time I was working 3 jobs, living with 2 other girls and just plugging away not really enjoying anything. Now when I look back at that 20 year old I'm just like WOW. It's crazy once you decide to live for you and not for other people. That seems like such a long time ago but if I could go back and tell that girl one thing; it would be to be yourself. Everyone else is already taken and you have something that no one has. You were placed on this earth for a reason and if you don't know why find out what your passion really is.  I never dreamed I would have my own boutique because with 3 kids everything seems impossible and I knew I couldn't have a real store because it just devotes too much time. But God had something different for me. A way I can connect with women from my computer and give back to them the way I want to without the responsibility of having to be there everyday from 9-5. Is it easy for you all wondering? No there are days I'm filling orders at 9pm but I wouldn't change it for anything. I love doing this! I want to encourage you today! You are here for a reason and find what you love to do it will change your life in so many ways if you love what you do for a Living.


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