Letting GO & Letting GOD

OK here's a late night for ME(lol) Blog

I was trying to sleep when all these thoughts kept rolling through my head so I hope this touches someone whoever reads this. 

This week has seriously been one of the worst weeks I can remember in a long time. First off my youngest starts running a fever nothing I'm not used to. Then next day my husband gets sick. Then my whole house is down with sickness. On top of that I lost a grandpa this week that I loved very much and was too sick to go pay my respects because it was 1200 miles away. 

Well before I do anything I always look up home remedies and essential oils for everything. I I like to be as natural as possible.  After doing everything Pinterest said to do. LOL. I was stuck.

In all of this tonight i decided on what should I do we all still aren't feeling that great. HELLO!! pray for everyone even though i had through the week. Tonight I laid my own hands on them and spoke healing over their bodies because I 'm so sick of this sickness and what's it done to us.

Then while laying in bed I'm like why didn't I do this earlier. Maybe because I think I know better or Pinterest home remedies work. Even though they do sometimes I need to look to the ultimate healer which is not me it is Jesus who died for us to heal us.

And I just feel like he said Let GO(control Freak me talking) and let me do what I DO. Sometimes i think its so hard to let go of what we think is best and just let him do what he does because his ways are higher than our ways.

I Have Lots more on my mind tonight but I will leave it here and pick back up soon.


Hope this helps someone:)

Angela Eisenman



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